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Africa map

Australia cargo ship

Photo: Boarding the MS Alexandria in Perth, Western Australia for Durban, South Africa.


Malawi Cape Maclear

Photo: Cape Maclear, Malawi is a popular hangout for motorcycle travellers.


Kenya japanese girl mc traveller

Photo: Lake Naivasha, Kenya. Kaoru, from Japan was on her way to Angola and Zaire riding her Suzuki FX 200cc from Kenya to South Africa and Namibia. I hope she made it. If you recognise her, please send her my email as I'd love to hear from her. I lost her address as it was in the address book that was stolen along with my motorcycle jacket in Kinshasa, DRC).


Uganda campsite

Photo: Martin on his Kawasaki KLX 650 and Ronnie from Scotland, who travelled on a Yamaha XT600 Tenere at the Backpackers Hostel and Campsitein Kampala, Uganda. Another popular stop-over for motorcycle travellers.


Zaire pygmy village

Photo: A pygmy village on the road to Epulu, DRC (formerly Zaire).


Gabon river crossing

Photo: Border crossing from Gabon into Cameroon. The guys assured me the TT600 would be okay in this little boat!

Mali cow herders

Photo: Mali near the Mauritania border. Stopped for a rest with these cattle herders.

Mauritania tyre change

Photo: Changing yet another flat tyre in Mauritania. The broken tarmac was littered with nails that had rattled out of trucks. Having next-to-no-tread on the rear tyre didn't help!

London Hedgehog

Photo: My good fortune continued and I ended up living on this narrow boat while in London.



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Australia TT600new
Photo: Kakadu National Park, NT, Australia. My Yamaha TT600 (1992 model) purchased new and before modifications.


Kenya Shimba Hills

Photo: Shimba Hills National Park, Kenya.


Kenya Mama Roche

Photo: Mama Roche - famous amongst travellers to Africa. Her campsite in Nairobi, Kenya was also popular with motorcycle travellers.


Zaire River monkey

Photo: A boy feeds a baby monkey on the Zaire River barges. It was sold as a pet in Kinshasa, DRC (formerly Zaire).


Gabon dead monkey

Photo: Bush meat such as this dead baboon in Gabon, is often sold at road-side stalls.


Cameroon north village

Photo: A village in northern Cameroon near the Nigerian border.


Mali Dogon

Photo: I unpacked the TT600 to tour the Dogon villages in Mali.


Mali bankass market

Photo: Market day in Bankass, Mali.


London motorcycle courier

Photo: In London, I worked (and survived) as a motorcycle courier for 12 months. It was all part of the journey.