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Gallery: Central Asia

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turkey mountain pass

Photo: Crossing the mountains in central Turkey on my way to Georgia.


kyrgyzstan frenchtravellers

Photo: Alay Valley, Kyrgyzstan. We'd stopped to admire the Pamir Alay Range and were offered mare's milk by these local people living in the valley for the summer. I was travelling with three French motorcycle travellers I'd first met in Uzbekistan. We rode on to Kazakstan together.


kazakhstan inside yurt

Photo: In some parts of Central Asia such as in Kazakhstan, some families live in yurts during the summer so they can graze thier horses in the valleys. I was offered mare's milk - a very refreshing drink.


kazakhstan bridge

Photo: A bridge crossing in the Altai Mountain region Kazakhstan. We were using a back road to cross into Siberia.


kazakhstan market

Photo: The Ural motorcycle with sidecar is a popular family commuter vehicle throughout Central Asia.

kyrgyzstan china border

Photo: Near the Kyrgyzstan/China border.




Photo: Madrassahs of Registan Square, Samarkand, Uzbekistan.


kazakhstan rainbow

Photo: The Altai mountains, Kazakhstan. Crossing into southern Siberia with three French motorcycle travellers who were on their may to Mongolia.


kazakhstan ponies

Photo: These foals in Kazakhstan are kept tethered so that the mares will return from grazing and can then be milked.


Caspian sea

Photo: Baku, Azerbiajan on the Caspian Sea.


kazakhstan boy

Photo: The valleys of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are dotted with yurts during summer. It's like one big camping holiday!